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G1 7

Group 1

At age two, children learn best through play and exploration. Our ECC staff provides a fun-filled year full of new and exciting learning experiences using their small and large motor skills. During daily learning activities, our staff will encourage eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity, and color identification.

Group 2 2

Group 2

By age three, your child is just beginning to interact with their peers as they begin enjoying a variety of new things. Our staff encourages the development of your child’s social skills by providing them with the appropriate tools for conflict resolution and positive interactions with others.


Group 3

By age three, your child is still learning and exploring their feelings through play. TEBH ECC’s Group 3 Program provides them with the opportunity to explore new feelings by making friends and developing new responsibilities. This promotes each child’s independence and confidence.

G4 4

Group 4

By age four, your preschooler is still learning and exploring how to express their emotions through play. Our Early Childhood Center’s Group 4 Program provides our students with the opportunity to express feelings of joy, excitement, anger, or fear while absorbing the information they’ve learned through experiences with their peers.

Gesher 4


Temple Emanuel ECC’s Gesher Program (Hebrew for “bridge”) is available to children between the ages of four and four years eight months by September of the year in which they are to be enrolled. Our stellar, knowledgeable staff offers individualized attention to each student in our Gesher Program.

Why Our ECC

Letter From the Director

I want to thank you for considering Temple Emanuel ECC as an Early Childhood Center option for your most precious commodity. We are here to provide your child with the skills they need. We want your child to graduate from our center with high self-esteem, a love of learning, and the ability to share in the responsibilities of living and thriving in their community.

I am driven by my love of early childhood education. It brings me so much joy to share this knowledge and experience with our ECC staff and ECC families. It is so wonderful to meet with new families and guide you on your journey through your child’s preschool years. My top priority is to nurture that warm, engaging, and loving environment in which our ECC students and their families feel safe and secure.

As early childhood educators, we think of ourselves as architects. We plan, design spaces, and oversee the progress of our youngest community. Educating and introducing students to an innovative curriculum, while at the same time investing in the growth of Jewish education, allows our ECC staff to be an integral part of providing the foundation for your child’s Jewish identity.

Over the years we have combined the best new practices in early childhood education to create a program that nourishes your child as they begin to connect socially with each other and inspire their love for learning. We bestow a warm, stimulating environment designed to nurture their unique intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs. Our facility and programs are designed to promote curiosity and imagination while building self-esteem, independence, and creativity, instilling in each child a lifelong love of learning.

Our ECC recognizes that each child learns and develops according to their own personality and learning style. Our devotion to the success of your child, as well as the entire family in a personal and heartfelt way, makes our school a welcoming place where our families feel seen and safe.

I look forward to meeting your family and building a successful relationship.

Sincerely yours,
Stacy Kesner, M.A.