Group 1

At age two, children learn best through play and exploration. Our ECC staff provides a fun-filled year full of new and exciting learning experiences using their small and large motor skills. During daily learning activities, our staff will encourage eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity, and color identification. Pretend play also starts to emerge as your two-year-old’s favorite activity, building social and language skills. We begin to work with your child to develop peer social skills. These skills include guiding them so they can have meaningful interactions with their classmates.

Group 1 students have access to plenty of outside time and a large classroom to explore different centers. These centers expand their motor and social skills. We offer a Duplo Block table, wooden and plastic block area, dramatic play area including a pretend kitchen, art table, as well as a transportation area. The children in this classroom love playing with various musical instruments, dinosaurs, animals, puzzles, and other sensory activities. We also offer ribbon dancing, felt board stories, and daily art activities to further develop fine motor skills.

In this program, we work alongside our families to help in the potty training process, practicing healthy habits such as hand washing and drying, and learning tools essential to further their growth.

Typical Day

Students in our Group 1 program start to feel a sense of security by adapting to a daily schedule that they know, can follow, and understand.

Your two-year-old will start their day in the play yard, weather depending. Students are encouraged to play freely choosing from our swings, slides, climbing apparatus, art, manipulatives, trike riding, sandbox, and outside library area as well as easel painting. Inside, your child will enjoy a variety of curriculum-based classroom activities, further developing their motor and social skills.