Daily Cleaning Procedures

It is important to our staff to keep a clean, safe space for your child. We are committed to ensuring the cleanliness of your child’s surroundings. The ECC facility is cleaned and sanitized several times a day including all floors, classrooms, furniture, bathrooms, play yard equipment, and all touchpoints to limit the spread of germs and viruses. The trash is also emptied and the trash can is sanitized multiple times throughout the day. Soap and paper towel dispensers are replenished daily; readily available to all staff and students.


Our Early Childhood Center conducts monthly drop drills, fire drills, and “E” drills (active shooter drills) to ensure that in the event of an actual emergency, all staff and students will know how to respond in the shortest possible time and without confusion.

In maintaining the supervision of your child, our ECC has alarmed gates that help in effectively monitoring and managing students entering or leaving the property. We also have a trained security team on-site to further ensure your child’s well-being while in our care.

As always, our number one concern is the safety of your family. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have concerning our Health and Safety Procedures.