Group 3

This program offers a variety of activities specifically centered around children’s interests. Group 3 students are gently encouraged to take on responsibilities. This helps them to develop confidence as they learn to believe in themselves.

By age three, your child is still learning and exploring their feelings through play. TEBH ECC’s Group 3 Program provides them with the opportunity to explore new feelings by making friends and developing new responsibilities. This promotes each child’s independence and confidence. Group 3 students continue learning to socialize and appropriately interact with their peers by taking turns, problem-solving, and by making connections and distinctions between thoughts, actions, and feelings.

Our Group 3 program has a large assortment of activities for students to choose from. The classroom features a block area, pretend kitchen, lego table, truck/car area, art table, library area, and an assortment of manipulatives further developing your child’s eye-hand coordination and small motor control development. Daily opportunities for sensory experiences such as mixing dough, shaving cream, foam dough, cloud dough, and slime are also provided for your preschooler to manipulate. TEBH ECC’s staff includes fine and gross motor activities, circle time, stories, songs, music, dancing, art, discussions, and creative projects which often center around secular and Jewish holidays to their everyday curriculum. Our music specialist also visits our center twice a week, expanding your child’s love for the arts.

In this program, our award-winning staff work alongside our families to help in the potty training process if needed, continue practicing healthy habits such as hand washing and healthy eating and teach skills to ready your child for the next step in their educational journey.

Typical Day

Students in our Group 3 program are adjusting to a more structured environment while still learning through play in a spacious, inviting classroom set up to stimulate curiosity and exploration.

Your three-year-old will start their day by choosing which activities they would like to participate in during their free-play time; giving them the opportunity to make decisions on their own. They will then have a structured circle time that includes group discussions about the curriculum, students’ interests, and developing early literacy while learning sounds and words followed by outdoor play. Outdoor activities in our large play space provide students the opportunity to further develop their gross motor skills while socializing with their peers. After our Group 3 students have enjoyed their outdoor experience, they will again enter the class and have a choice of exciting small motor activities and centers.